The state of play

Our plan is underpinned by research we have commissioned to determine how we can overcome the challenges facing the game.



  • There is significant opportunity for us to grow the number of clubs, cricketers, officials, coaches and volunteers
  • We need to engage and listen to create the right cricket opportunities for people with busy lives
  • Cricket must find new ways to inspire the next generation


  • We can make the path from first picking up a bat and a ball to playing professional cricket clearer
  • Support and performance programmes could be delivered more consistently across the country
  • Professional playing schedules can be introduced that better support the development of world-class skills


  • The current perception that the game is complicated and confusing can be addressed to appeal to new audiences
  • To widen its appeal cricket must look outside of the traditional fan base
  • The game can adapt to compete harder for a greater part of people’s free time


  • We’re stronger together - there is opportunity to get cricketing organisations working together with one common goal
  • Medium and long-term planning would be more effective if we can reduce short-term commercial uncertainty
  • The impact of volunteer time can be increased by finding ways to reduce bureaucracy

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